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Baby Keeps Waking Up With Scratches, And Mom Is Terrified When She Sees The Video Footage

Heather Bro was just one year into motherhood when strange things started happening in her living space. She kept hearing noises at night in her Michigan home and grew suspicious that something sinister was afoot. Soon, she also noticed that something was wrong with her baby. But when she began to investigate, what she discovered was more unsettling than she and her family could have imagined. And she too had some secrets to share.

Life couldn’t have looked any more promising for Heather Bro. She had been living with her fiancé Joshua and their one-year-old daughter Lily, with plenty of good things waiting for them on the horizon. They were in love, had a beautiful little girl, and lived in the peaceful, mostly uneventful town of Highland, Michigan. Read the full story here ▶