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A woman gives birth to her first child – When she gets a closer look, she bursts into tears

For nine months, she waited with joint excitement for the arrival of her first child until the time finally came. This mother was completely happy. Her baby came into the world crying like all babies, a quick cleaning and her baby, and she were together again. She looked with joyed her little son, but when she saw him closer, she was so shocked that she burst into tears for a long time. Emma a 29 year old woman had waited patiently for the birth of her first child.

It was not an easy pregnancy shortly. After discovering she was pregnant, her husband was taken to a war zone. He was in the military and had to support his country. Unfortunately, this turned out very differently than the couple had planned. Ammo is devastated.

This directly affected her pregnancy, her physical disability was common and her abdominal pains in nausea made her days unbearable. But what was even worse was the fear she felt about losing her husband. The military profession was not a job for cowards. She faced difficult War situations and anything could go wrong. Would he be there for the birth of his son and even more terrifying? Read the full story here ▶