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A Girl Rushed Out Of The McDonald’s Restroom Crying, and Her Mother Observed That Something Was Wrong With Her Legs.

The restaurant was packed with hungry customers busy eating at their tables when the customers’ attention shifted to a four-year-old girl named Kayla running towards her mom. Kayla’s face was filled with tears, and she was hysterically crying when she reached her mom’s arm. While Kayla’s mom, Nicole, was comforting her daughter, she asked her what was wrong. Kayla was still crying and couldn’t speak; she continued sobbing like she was in deep pain.

That was when Nicole started scanning her daughter’s body and saw what was wrong. There was something on Kayla’s leg. It was during New Year’s Day when Nicole and her daughter Kayla decided to spend their day at the park and buy some food at McDonald’s, which was Kayla’s favorite fast food. The two were so excited to spend time together and bond at the park. While Nicole was closing their front door, she turned to Kayla and asked her if she was ready to have fun. Kayla nodded her head with excitement, having no idea what was about to come to them. Read the full story here ▶