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90-Year-Old Man Bikes 2 Hours Every Day For 7 Years Just To See His Ailing Wife In Nursing Home

No distance could stop a 90 year old man from being with his wife every day, even if it meant biking for two hours to see her at her nursing home. While he admits his wife’s Health has been deteriorating, it doesn’t change his undying love for her and his determination to see her every day. Nothing is more inspiring and assuring than hearing stories proving true. Love exists in a world where separation and divorces are rampant. It’S nice to hear stories of enduring love, which shows that it is still possible to live happily with your loved one until the very end.

In the Netherlands, a 90 year old man stood by his vows to be with his wife in sickness and health, since they married over six decades ago, not even a 10.6 mile commute to and from his home and deep in vain to his wife’s Nursing Home in Appledorn could stop him from seeing whether it’s a scorching hot summer day or a snowy cold winter afternoon. Peter Burkhardt doesn’t care. He will get on his bike to see his wife. Read the full story here ▶