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13 year old goes missing five days later. Mom saw his name in the hospital

Teenagers today are exposed to more risks than ever before, from online bullying and school shootings to alcohol and opioid abuse. Teens have higher levels of stress than in years past and increasing rates of suicide. Many of belief that they’re invincible and that bad things only happen to other people.

Sensation-seeking behaviour is comparable to meeting the rush that comes from taking drugs. And in some cases, drugs may combine to lessen their fear and avoid any calculation or evidence of risk coming from speeding while under the influence.

The problem is that adults warn and counsel them regarding these statistics related to teenage risk-taking. Unfortunately, adults to them are not cool and know nothing. All they want is to spoil their fun. Tragically, in some cases, only a death or serious injury of themselves or a close friend is sufficient to stop the behaviour. Adolescence posed several problems, and at times our relationship faltered greatly. Read the full story here ▶